I have restored faith in attorneys after Lori Nevias resolved my case. She worked on my case as if it were her utmost priority. She is competent, knowledgeable, and valued my input. She was a strong advocate, and I think anyone would be extremely satisfied with her representation. ÂÂ I highly recommend her as counsel.

Matthew Weissman, Physical Therapist

At the time of my injury, I initially contacted a firm in Manhattan and was informed that I might not have a case, but that if I went to their office with my documents, my case would be reviewed. I was stunned at this impersonal approach, especially since I was unable to drive and in a wheelchair.

A colleague then referred me to Lori Nevias. Lori made sure I did not have to travel, and determined that I did have a case. From that moment forward, she worked to develop all angles of the case, and located the best expert witnesses to testify on my behalf. Due to her experience and attention to detail, I received a settlement that well exceeded what I initially expected. I cannot say enough how critical it was to have a professional with Lori’s expertise at the forefront of my case.

Dr. Megan C., Neonatologist